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If you want to save money and stay in an accommodation that feels like home, then our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment is the most reliable and suitable thing you can opt for. Our Service Apartment is well distinguished because of the average space it offers. Our Serviced Apartment has separate rooms for everything including eating on rooftop dining tables and cooking in fully equipped kitchen.
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Our 1 Bhk Service Apartment is coupled with professional service and delight and is located parallel to the main road. Relax with either your friends or family and experience the freedom and comfort of a home in our Serviced Apartment. Have the pleasures of absolute silence in our Service Apartment and always keep yourself entertained with our multi channel flat television and wifi internet.
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Make the most of your stay in our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment which offer most of the amenities just like hotels. Our Service Apartment has been admired for the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere they offer. It acts like the most reliable option because it has more value in terms of the services they offer in terms of affordability.
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Today if you are finding it difficult to choose between a Serviced Apartment and a hotel for your stay then you’ve come to the right place. Our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment offers the most comfortable and cost-effective way to explore the town and acts like a fantastic option to fulfill your needs. Our Service Apartment are private and self contained accommodations along with round the clock security and power back up away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
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Your stay in our 1Bhk Serviced Apartment will be something special because of the affordable and comfortable services we offer. We take all the responsibility to offer you a secure and comfortable environment in our Serviced Apartment. Our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment is a true extension for friends and family where we also have an in-room washing machine so that you can do the laundry whenever you want.