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Our Service Apartment is highly recommended because it is a 1 Bhk Service Apartment which can easily accommodate your family. It has 17 independent rooms which are fully furnished and air conditioned so that whatever we give you is true value for money. Our Budget Service Apartment has state of the art facilities which is ideally designed to give you comfort according to your convenience.
Our Service Apartment is known for its courteous and prompt staff who ensure that all their needs are not just met but exceeded. Our Budget Service Apartment available for Rent has good and clean room with basic amenities around the location. You are going to have a nice and comfortable stay in our Service Apartment away from the traffic and noise of the town. Our Service is a true value for money because it will give you more space and more privacy at an affordable rate.
Rates are charged per apartment compared to per person when planning to stay in hotel. Our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment therefore acts like an unique and preferable way to plan your stay in the town. By staying in our Budget Service Apartment, you will be always able to have a comfortable stay along with the value for your money.
Your stay in our 1Bhk Serviced Apartment will be something special because of the affordable and comfortable services we offer. We take all the responsibility to offer you a secure and comfortable environment in our Serviced Apartment. Our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment is a true extension for friends and family where we also have an in-room washing machine so that you can do the laundry whenever you want.
Make the most of your stay in our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment which offer most of the amenities just like hotels. Our Service Apartment has been admired for the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere they offer. It acts like the most reliable option because it has more value in terms of the services they offer in terms of affordability.