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At Good Touch Serviced Apartment, you will not just experience good services but a stay which is professional, pious and, comfortable. In our 1, 2, 3 and, 4 Bhk Service Apartment, we offer round the clock hot water and security so that you have that remarkable and memorable stay in the town whether you are looking for long term or short term accommodation. To ensure that you are full and content on a timely basis, we also offer food on call from nearby restaurants.
A Serviced Apartment is not a Serviced Apartment always. It is more than that when you are at Good Touch. The touch that made it possible is professional, the touch that will keep you comfortable in our 1, 2 and 3 Bhk Rooms is panache and the touch that will make you remember and revisit is piously peppy. Our independent 1, 2 and 3 Bhk Rooms have round the clock hot water and will also have lift facility for all floors. The services which we offer will make your stay as comfortable as possible. And whether you are looking for short or long term accommodation with your family or friends, our Serviced Apartment will give you absolute satisfaction.
Our Serviced Apartment will make you experience serene and peaceful living in a new way. Our Budget Service Apartment has independent 1, 2 and 3 Bhk Rooms which are fully furnished and air conditioned. Our 1, 2 and 3 Bhk Rooms are fully equipped and has a shared kitchen with fridge, microwave, crockery, cutlery and utensils. Our Serviced Apartments will make you feel like you are staying at home because it also has an exclusive dining hall and wifi internet. Whether you are looking for short or long term accommodation, you can happily stay in our Serviced Apartment which has 24 hours power back up and hot water facilities.
Make the most of your stay in our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment which offer most of the amenities just like hotels. Our Service Apartment has been admired for the pleasant and comfortable atmosphere they offer. It acts like the most reliable option because it has more value in terms of the services they offer in terms of affordability.
We strongly believe that it is not always concrete and material things that matter for relationships to blossom. That is why we deal in 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment. We indeed give you a home and not just a place to stay. We always look forward to creating a new culture in staying away from home and a mutually beneficial long term alliance. You can trust us on this as we have been in this business of providing first class facilities and enjoy a very good reputation in the market today. Our Serviced Apartment is located at the serene extension of the town and we always strive to give you something good in hospitality. We are ahead of the pack of other Budget Service Apartments because we offer lift facility to all floors and multi channel flat television. We have earned a good reputation in the market today because of the calmness and good vibes our 1 Bhk Serviced Apartment always offers.